HEALTH REPORT: The Science of Sleep

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - People in Alaska are more susceptible to sleep problems for a variety of reasons.
In this week's health report, we talk about what you can do to get better sleep.
Katie Luper; Reporting>>: With our days being too short or too long, it puts stress on our body to keep up.
Scott Luper; Naturopathic Doctor>>: "Sleep is fundamental to health. There's no question about that. But when sleep goes wrong, it's not always the same thing."
Katie Luper; Reporting>>: Some people have a hard time falling asleep, some have a hard time staying asleep and others find it difficult to wake up.
Scott Luper; Naturopathic Doctor>>: "It's important to recognize how someone's sleep has broken so you can apply the correct remedy to it."
Katie Luper; Reporting>>: For people who have a hard time falling asleep, it's important to slow down before bed.
Scott Luper; Naturopathic Doctor>>: "Get your pajamas on, you fluff your pillow, you brush your teeth, you go to the bathroom, you get a drink of water, you lay down, you read something boring - there's a certain routine, and you set it up so your brain slows down, your body slows down."
Katie Luper; Reporting>>: Blue light from your electronics can keep you awake at night by suppressing your levels of melatonin. You can set your phone to night mode or use...
Scott Luper; Naturopathic Doctor>>: "Incandescent bulbs, or bulbs that are tinted toward the red side, they help so that there's less blue light in your environment. It's kind of the way we're designed, to calm down as the sun goes down."
Katie Luper; Reporting>>: For people who have a hard time staying asleep, it has to do with your cortisol levels being high at the wrong time.
Scott Luper; Naturopathic Doctor>>: "You want to blunt the spike so you don't actually wake up when it comes up."
Katie Luper; Reporting>>: Keeping your blood sugars even or taking a cortisol manager supplement can keep those levels in check.
Scott Luper; Naturopathic Doctor>>: "Your blood sugars tend to spike really high and then they come down really hard, crashing later. That up and down cycle doesn't stop because you're sleeping, it continues on."
Katie Luper; Reporting>>: Good sleep is important because it can keep you from having high blood pressure, an irregular heart beat or even gaining weight.
Scott Luper; Naturopathic Doctor>>: "When we think about human beings, what keeps us healthy and what breaks us down, sleep is one of those fundamental elements."
Katie Luper; Reporting>>: I'm Katie Luper, reporting.