HEALTH REPORT: Integrative medicine

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Jeffery Zuckerman is a local doctor who travels internationally to give presentations on integrative medicine.
He's opened up a compounding pharmacy in Mexico, and a practice in Fairbanks.
In this week's health report, we talked to Dr. Zuckerman about this style of medicine that he practices and preaches around the world.
Katie Luper; Reporting>>: Dr. Zuckerman believes good health is lifestyle.
Jeffrey Zuckerman; M.D.>>: "That's the very bottom of the pyramid and that's where I start with everybody."
Katie Luper; Reporting>>: He talks about integrative medicine, a combination of conventional and alternative practices.
Jeffrey Zuckerman; M.D.>>: "And the goal of functional medicine is basically to treat the source of disease and dysfunction rather than the symptoms."
Katie Luper; Reporting>>: He focuses on cardiovascular health by lowering the risk of having a heart attack. He also looks at cell inflammation that can change your DNA.
Jeffrey Zuckerman; M.D.>>: "It's not inflammation you feel that hurts. It's inflammation that's damaging to your cells and to your DNA. So it increases your risk of heart disease, diabetes, it increases your risk of cancer if you have cellular inflammation."
Katie Luper; Reporting>>: He also highlights the importance of the gut microbiome...
Jeffrey Zuckerman; M.D.>>: "Basically the ecosystem of bacteria inside your gut, and the gut it's self is the gateway basically to our whole body, the health of our whole body."
Katie Luper; Reporting>>: Stress is another major component that causes health problems.
Jeffrey Zuckerman; M.D.>>:"We all these things that we do, we look at changing people's lifestyles."
Katie Luper; Reporting>>: In addition to getting the basics in check, they can use a number of methods that are catered to each person. For example, hormone replacement therapy...
Jeffrey Zuckerman; M.D.>>: "We know when you're youthful, and you have youthful hormones, that's when you're the healthiest. And as we start to lose those hormones, as a natural process of aging, we start developing heart disease; we increase our chance of cancer, etcetera. So we use bio-identical hormones, and those are hormones that match exactly the structure and function of our hormones in our body."
Katie Luper; Reporting>>: The idea is to individualize a plan based on a person's unique genetic makeup.
Jeffrey Zuckerman; M.D.>>: "It's a different approach to medicine. As you see, I walk and work all day long. So I do what I promote for my patients and we're seeing a lot of incredibly, big changes not only how they feel but also their lab values."
Katie Luper; Reporting>>: I'm Katie Luper, reporting.