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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Temperatures are expected to drop between 20 and 30 below zero this week, putting us at a higher risk for frostbite.
In this week's health report, we talk about winter's icy grip and how to avoid it.
Katie Luper; Reporting>>: Fairbanks has been rated as America's coldest city, and we're starting to face those nippy temperatures.
Amy Williamson; Naturopathic Doctor>>: "It can get frost nip, which is a superficial - not a deep cold in your skin, which is just that stinging, burning feeling that we've probably all had in Fairbanks. Frostbite is more serious, it goes to the underlying layers of the skin and actual ice crystals form in your skin. You may get a blister, and that's a good time to seek medical attention."
Katie Luper; Reporting>>: Cold weather can be dangerous for anyone, especially for people that work outside or those who enjoy winter sports.
Amy Williamson; Naturopathic Doctor>>: "Children, you know, are not so conscious of what they're wearing, so we have to make sure our kids are bundled up with hats and gloves and the right boots and that kind of thing."
Katie Luper; Reporting>>: You're extremities are usually the first areas to be effected. So dressing warmly can help you prevent temporary or permanent tissue damage.
Amy Williamson; Naturopathic Doctor>>: "Yeah, like in your ears if you have your ears sticking out, or the tip of your nose, like - areas that are kind of isolated and sticking out are more likely to get frostbite. If your skin turns white, then you're not getting circulation in the skin, or blue, you're not getting that circulation and then ice crystals can form."
Katie Luper; Reporting>>: Frostbite is treatable but in some extreme cases it can lead to amputation.
Amy Williamson; Naturopathic Doctor>>: "If something like that happens, you should go and get care right away, because the sooner you can get to someone who can rewarm it properly, the better. I've seen people lose their limbs from frostbite if you're not aware."
Katie Luper; Reporting>>: Drinking warm liquids can eating certain foods can help with body circulation.
Amy Williamson; Naturopathic Doctor>>: "Foods like ginger and fish oil and that kind of thing help your blood flow better, so those are good choices if you're going to do outdoor activities in the cold."
Katie Luper; Reporting>>: Reporting at -15 below zero, I'm Katie Luper.