HEALTH REPORT: Breast Cancer Detection Center renovates

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - After receiving a large grant, the Breast Cancer Detection Agency's renovations are progressing - and they're hoping to finish phase one by summer.
For this week's health report, we took a tour with Odette Butler, the BCDC executive director, and she gave us insight on what to expect.
Katie Luper; Reporting>>: Odette Butler says a lot of people ask her, where did BCDC go and are they still open?
Odette Butler; Executive Director, BCDC>>: "There's renovations going on inside and the ending of the renovations will bring to this outside area, an arctic entry. And we'll go through the door and I'll tell you what else is going on. But we are still open for services but if you come into BCDC you come in through the front, you have to drive around the back to come through the back door that has the BCDC sign on it. BCDC owns the whole building but we've taken over the whole front so we can accommodate the things that we want to do. The reception area instead of being here, will be over to the right when you walk in. And then this will be a seating area built with a complete fireplace. And then on the left when you come in, we're going to have what we're calling the Lana Assyd Learning and Event Center. We're also bringing like all the services like the bathroom and all of our clinical services closer to the front so that patients don't have to walk down what used to be a really long hallway to get to the tomo room. Part of the renovation is to take the equipment down the hall and bring it closer. This here is a closer bathroom. It's an ADA bathroom which we didn't have on this side before. And if you walk further, that space in the back is reserved for ultra sound which we have contracted out ultra sound in the past and we're still working on negotiating another contract when this is completed. So we do have the space. We figure we build the space and they'll come. So we're looking out for that. And then the tomo room, now, the 3D tomography exam will be held in this area here. It's kind of dark but it's a bigger space with a dressing room in it and it's just going to be a lot closer to the patients instead of having them walk all the way to the back. This is phase one. Phase two will start as soon as this is done, hopefully in May."
Katie Luper; Reporting>>: They're hoping the second half of the building will be finished by October for breast cancer awareness month. Reporting from BCDC, I'm Katie Luper.