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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - It started as a circus act. Now it's become a popular exercise routine. Wrapping yourself in fabric and dangling in the air, aerial silks are climbing into the fitness world. And it's catching on in Fairbanks.
People are flipping and twirling in the air, all while wrapped in ribbons. Aerial silks are a combination of dance, yoga, and acrobatics. It's a full body workout that strengthens and stretches your muscles. Doctors are starting to recommend this as a form of exercise. And you don't have to be a fit, spindly acrobat to try. However, instructors might suggest you start with aerial yoga, a gentler version of stretching, using a hammock for support.
One local silk artist was having back problems and needed to make a change.
"My back would hurt for several days. And I'd lay in bed for a while and what not but the disks don't slip anymore because I've strengthened those muscles around the spine. Using the hammock for support, you can get into positions and stretch in ways that you can't do in regular yoga because you're worried about balance and support and things of that nature," said aerial silk artist Regina Davis.
One local aerial group will be putting on a circus show at the Golden Wheel Spectacular in July.