Groundwater contamination found at Fairbanks Airport

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Breaking news tonight: State officials have found evidence that groundwater at the Fairbanks International Airport is contaminated with chemicals from firefighting foam.
The aqueous film-forming foam has already made headlines elsewhere around the Fairbanks area in recent years.
Per-fluorinated compounds from the foam may cause negative health effects in people, with studies showing a broad range of health impacts in animal tests.
Airport and Department of Transportation officials say the chemicals have been used in fire training there for years.
DOT spokeswoman, Meadow Bailey, says the state is working with testing firm 'Shannon and Wilson' to determine the extent of the contamination, and begin checking levels of the compounds at homes and businesses north and west of the airport starting November 13th.
Prior to this discovery, elevated levels of similar chemicals had been found near training areas off Peger Road and in Moose Creek, prompting residents to seek forms of water delivery other than their residential wells.