Gray Media Group matches community donations for Fairbanks Community Food Bank

FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) COVID-19 has had many turning to the Fairbanks Community Food Bank for help and with the school lunch program ending soon, food bank volunteers are preparing for a 50% increase in the need of children’s healthy snacks and meals.

KXDF, KTVF, and KFXF have been promoting a donation campaign to help with the tough road ahead.

Since the pandemic, Foodbank CEO Anne Weaver says they have seen a 30 to 50 percent increase in food needs.

“The first couple months of COVID were really really extra rough,” Weaver said. “That’s when we saw a big influx. As some of the incentives, as some of the stimuluses’ from the government has been coming out, that has been helping, we have been watching our numbers become more attainable again.”

Weaver expects the need for food boxes to go back up this summer if tourism and oil industries jobs don’t return.

She says when the school breakfast and lunch ends the food bank will step up with their bone builders backpack program, filling sacks with kid friendly snacks… But this year they expect a 50 percent increase in need than years prior.

For the last 5 years KTVF and KXDF has been helping fill that need with their “May No Child Go Hungry” Campaign asking viewers to donate money to the food bank to fill those bags.

This year Gray Television, the media company that owns KTVF and KXDF, surprised the food bank with a donation.

“Last night we were at our halfway mark during this campaign. The generous community had already brought our total up to $2,920 dollars,” KTVF, KXDF, KXFX General Manager, Chris Fry said. “So today Grey Television was able to match what’s been brought in so far.”

Weaver says these kind of donations give the food bank a head start in preparation for tough times expected this summer.

“Because of your contributions to the food bank we have been able to stay ahead of the curve.” Weaver said. “Yes, we have had some depleted supplies, that’s a real thing. But we would not have been able to provide and meet the needs that have been happening during the last couple of months without you, so huge shout out, huge thank you to everybody.”

If you would like to donate to the “May No Child Go Hungry” Campaign you can go to donate.

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