Governor signs Senate Bill to ban indoor public smoking

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Starting October 1st, indoor public smoking will be banned. Governor Bill Walker signed senate bill 63 on Tuesday changing smoking laws state wide.
For half of Alaska's residents, smoking was already banned in public places. Now, the rest of state will follow along. The ban refers to tobacco, marijuana and e-cigarettes in public places including bars and restaurants.
This bill is designed to protect Alaskan employees from the adverse health effects of second-hand smoke. Senator Peter Micciche's sponsor statement stated that more people die annually from the effects of second hand smoke than suicide, motor vehicle crashes, chronic liver disease, cirrhosis, homicide, HIV, and AIDS combined.
It also said this doesn't take away a smoker's right to smoke, but it is meant to limit Alaskan employees' intake of second hand smoke.
Representative Tammy Wilson voted against this bill, along with six others.
Again, the bill is effective on October 1, but the community can bypass the ban by voting to exempt specific bars and restaurants.
We reached out to the representatives who opposed this bill, and are waiting for a response.