Governor seeks more options as Senate appointment drama continues

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - A key republican in the Alaska senate says he harbors no ill feelings over the recent drama of two separate failed attempts to fill an open Senate seat.
The seat was evacuated by Wasilla Republican Mike Dunleavy, who resigned to run against Alaska Governor Bill Walker in the upcoming 2018 Governor Election.
The controversy began when Senate Republicans rejected Walker's first choice, Randall Kowalke, as he did not appear on the list of suggested replacements.
After rejecting Kowalke, Senate Republicans urged the Governor to ask for more names if he was not satisfied with those they had chosen.
Instead, Walker then selected Thomas Braund, one of the three names on the list.
He did so citing that he did not endorse Braund, but rather he believed republicans "will continue to reject anyone I appoint, no matter how qualified, unless that person's name is on the list provided to me by the Republican Party."
His narrative was continued when Walker's chief of staff, Scott Kendall, said Republicans "have the nominee they demanded."
Braund withdrew from nomination amongst sparked outrage over social media posts, though he cited a friend's illness as his reasoning.
While the senate is waiting on its third nominee replacement, Alaska Senate President Pete Kelly says he has no hard feelings with Gov. Bill Walker and his team, stating they were "firing shots in a battle that didn't exist."
Walker has since rejected the other two names on the list and has requested more names.