Governor highlights Alaska climate change effects

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Governor Bill Walker announced this week that he's making a new push to deal with the impacts of climate change in Alaska. The governor made his announcement yesterday in Juneau.
He said Alaska is on the front lines of the climate change phenomenon, and the state needs to act despite its difficult budget circumstances.
He said the state needs to balance the realities of an economy dependent on fossil fuels with the increased costs and threats associated with a changing climate.
Gov. Bill Walker; (I) Alaska>>: "Alaska is unique in many ways, but one way is that we are now about 70 percent dependent on a hydrocarbon economy. And so some would find this - how do you balance the two? And I said, well, we have to balance the two, that's just the way it has to be in Alaska. Ah, you know we have to, we will continue to responsibly develop our resources, our nonrenewable resources, and use that as the - somewhat the bridge funding to be able to do what we need to do as the result of climate change in Alaska."