Governor-Elect Dunleavy assigns members to office

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Governor-elect Mike Dunleavy announced his transition team and several appointments today during a press conference in Anchorage.
Tuckerman Babcock, the Alaska GOP chair, was revealed as the chief of staff for Dunleavy's office.
Among the other members appointed are Transition Administrative Director: Mary Ann Pruitt, Transition Communications Director: Sarah Erkmann Ward, Transition Director of Scheduling: Kristie Babcock, Transition Director of Boards and Commissions: Gina Ritacco, and Transition Legal Counsel: Stacey Stone-Semmler.
Dunleavy spoke after the press conference about his first priority as governor.
"Hire the right people. Hire the best people we can. We are going through that process, as we mentioned we have a website that people can send us names and so forth, we are getting name now and starting the interview process shortly," said Dunleavy.