Governor Dunleavy promotes budget in North Pole

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy was in North Pole Friday to promote his budget plan and proposed constitutional amendments.
Residents gathered and filled the sanctuary of the 'Church of North Pole' to hear what he had to say, and ask questions about various details of his plan.
Dunleavy spoke about the need to limit spending to reduce the deficit. He showed several graphs demonstrating the budget deficit, and how his proposed plan would affect the state's economy. One of the things Dunleavy talked about was the need to bring down spending with the ferry system, UAF, education, and Medicaid. He said that the University of Alaska's enrollment is declining, and suggested it might not be sustainable to continue to support their over 400 programs.
"Can they become leaner but better, can it be one of the best universities in the world at things like engineering and arctic sciences," Dunleavy said. "I think it can, question is, at this stage in the game, we really can't afford to keep doing what we are doing."
While there were many supporters of the Governor and his budget plans, there were also opponents present. They took issue with some of his proposed changes, as well as where he was getting his data.
One of the opponents told Dunleavy, ""And I quote, you said, 'I'm making things up' in reference to your charts. Today, you said, well this is just monologue."
The event was part of Dunleavy's continuing budget road show. He will be in Anchorage next.