Governor Dunleavy expected to Speak at CERA Week 2019 in Texas

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Governor Mike Dunleavy is heading to 'CERA Week 2019,' an energy conference in Houston, Texas.

Dunleavy is expected to speak during a session on Friday, March 15th during the event.

Along with Dunleavy, Senator Lisa Murkowski and Secretary of State Michael Pompeo will be speaking at this annual gathering of energy industry leaders.

In a press conference earlier Friday, Dunleavy said he is hoping to bring more investors to Alaska's oil and gas sector.

"It's my goal to have people go, 'you know what? We weren't thinking about Alaska before we came here, but now that we've left this conference, we're gonna take a look at Alaska. That governor and the people he brought with him made a really good pitch for Alaska to be in a resurgence, we once were the giant,” said Dunleavy.

Dunleavy said he hopes that while he is gone, state legislators will work on budget proposals, and alternatives to his proposed budget.