Gov. Walker visits Fairbanks Pipeline Training Center for inside look

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Governor Bill Walker was in town Friday visiting the Fairbanks Pipeline Training Center for an inside look at student training.

Students were busy at work, preparing for a job working on the Trans–Alaska Pipeline.

"With this training, with everyone working together, when they actually go from this training to the North Slope they have an idea of what to expect and what's expected of them and they can fall right in with everybody else. They're not lost, or dislocated when they get there," said Chad Hutchinson, Executive Director.

Hopping on a private bus tour of the training facility, we heard from Training Director John Plutt to learn about what kind of tasks these students are learning.

"If you look out on my right here, they're stringing. They're going to string the pipe here. This is normally what you'd see on the North Slope, insulated pipe, very important you don't damage that insulation," said Plutt.

Getting an up close and personal look at students training in frigid temperatures, preparing for the real world. Upon graduation, many of them going up to work on the North Slope.