Gov. Walker announces advisory board on Alaska roads and highways

Governor Bill Walker was in town today to announce the creation of an advisory board on roads and highways.

That board would offer input to the governor on transportation infrastructure - including topics such as road construction, deferred maintenance, equipment, and areas of critical need.

The Governor signed the order creating the advisory board at a meeting of the Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce.

The board would have seven members, all of whom would be selected from the public by the governor.

Walker said he isn't ready to announce his first picks for the board, but indicated he'll make them public soon.

He said it's no coincidence that he signed the order here in the Golden Heart City.

"It's something that I actually have been thinking about for a while actually, the thought came to me while I was sitting in a Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce Transportation Subcommittee meeting one early morning over at Denny's - the back room at Denny's - and I would attend those occasionally, and I would just listen, occasionally I would talk. It was clear that there was something missing. We have an aviation advisory board, we have a marine highway advisory board, a highway advisory board - to sign it in Fairbanks, first of all, the concept came from Fairbanks from those meetings, and second, Fairbanks is sort of the highway hub of Alaska. There's no other place that has this many roads coming into its city. So it's very appropriate."