Gov. Mike Dunleavy requests federal aid for earthquake repair

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Governor Mike Dunleavy Thursday requested a Presidential Major Disaster Declaration under the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act which would authorize a full suite of federal assistance for the State of Alaska as a result of the major earthquake that occurred on November 30, 2018.
According to a press release from the Governor's office, Dunleavy spoke to Brock Long - Federal Emergency Management Agency Administrator and Rear Admiral Douglas Fear - White House Homeland Security Advisor to communicate directly with the Trump Administration regarding the declaration request.
Governor Dunleavy said he was on the phone with the Trump Administration this morning.
"If this declaration is approved, it will help free up money so we can get Alaska back on its feet faster. The administration, FEMA and all of the government officials at the federal level are acutely aware of what happened to Alaska, what is happening to Alaska and the obligation of the federal government to give assistance to Alaska is going to get us back up on our feet again,” Dunleavy said.
Department of Military and Veterans Affairs Commissioner Colonel Torrence Saxe and State Coordinating Officer at Alaska Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management Bryan Fisher were also in attendance.
“This has been a team effort, 24/7 on the ground and in the Emergency Operations Center since the 30th of November,” Saxe said, “To say the least, this has been a significant emotional event. The mission has only started, the tough part is where we go from here.”
“It’s important to note that while we wait to hear a decision on a major disaster declaration from the President, the Governor’s assistance programs are in effect today,” noted Bryan Fisher, State Coordinating Officer at Alaska Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management. “We are working closely with FEMA through the partial government shutdown, and if the President declares a major disaster we are prepared to integrate both State and federal relief programs to maximize the benefit to Alaskans and the communities impacted by the earthquake.”
The Governor’s full speech can be found on his YouTube page: