Gov. Dunleavy Proposes Two Bills to Back Pay Previous 'Incomplete' PFDs Over Three Years

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Governor Mike Dunleavy proposed two bills that would restore a full permanent fund dividend as well as pay back residents the amount that was cut from PFDs in 2016, 2017, and 2018, over the course of three years. Dunleavy stated in a press conference, that this would complete previous 'incomplete' dividends.

Those eligible for this year's PFD who were also eligible in 2016, would receive an additional $1,061 in addition to the PFD that is calculated for this year. The amount cut from 2017 would be repaid in 2020, and the amount from 2018, would be repaid in 2021. Department of Revenue Commissioner Bruce Tangeman said that when you apply for the PFD, it is in the fine print that you are saying 'I am now and intend to remain an Alaskan resident indefinitely', and that by paying it back over three years, it addresses the issue of people who were previously eligible but left the state.
"Some people will have qualified in '16, maybe not in '17, and maybe they qualify again in '18, this addresses those folks, instead of giving people that did qualify, that are now gone, instead of giving them the full lump sum for all three years, we think this is a reasonable way to spread it out over three years," said Tangeman.
These bills proposed by the Governor need to be voted on by the legislature before they can become law.