'Golden Heart Tattoo Collective' opens doors with special event for Fairbanks Community Food Bank

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The 'Golden Heart Tattoo Collective' is officially opening its doors this weekend with a special event to give back to the community.
Three tattoo artists have collaborated to open their own shop in Fairbanks.
Matt Bagodonuts, Jay Fernandez, and Kevin Taylor have started the Collective at 910 Old Steese Hwy, near Fred Meyer East.
The three friends decided to open a parlor together after realizing they have similar interests when it comes to tattooing.
The artists chose to make their opening day more than just tatting up the masses.
Co-owner, Bagodonuts discussed how their opening day will be an event not just for the owners, but for the community as well.
Matt Bagodonuts; Co-Owner, Golden Heart Tattoo Collective>>: "The 11th, Veterans' Day, we are having our opening day celebration, and we wanted to give back. Free tattoos for everyone, so long as you bring a Thanksgiving donation for the Fairbanks Community Food Bank. We actually have a list posted on our Facebook page directly from the Food Bank that tells you all the items that they need to make sure that our neighbors have a very good Thanksgiving. We're opening up and if we expect to have the support of the community, we should support the community first."