'Girls on The Run 5k' at The Carlson Center hosted people from across the interior

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Girls on the Run is a program for girls in 3rd through 5th grade, and it focuses on teaching girls how to lift each other up, respond to bullying, and to find their inner beauty.
The program runs at different schools, as well as the Boys and Girls club.
The 5k run around the Carlson Center is one of the ways the program helps the girls stay active.
The girls started with a Zumba warm up routine before circling the second floor.
Once they completed a full lap, they dropped an arm band in the bucket and went on.
Runner Alexis Johnston-Fisher talked about what Girls on the Run is, while Pearl Creek site Coach, Sam Savage, talked about what they do to help the girls who participate in the program.

Alexis Johnston-Fisher; Runner >> "We talk about how we can handle each other and how we can make friends and how to be good friends to other people."

Sam Savage; Coach at Pearl Creek >> "We all get together and we just kinda open every lesson with asking them how they are, how their day is going and then we kind of dive into the lesson whether it's about their self-esteem or how to make friends or how to respond to bullying or any kind of criticism and then we incorporate these themes ad lessons into both a warm up and a workout and then at the end we always do a debrief and then we talk about it."