Gardening Tips: 7 steps for planting a successful tree

FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) Whether you want to add value to your home, need a little bit of shade or just want to block the view to your neighbor’s house, there are many reasons to plant a tree.

Glen Risse, the Owner of Risse Greenhouse, demonstrates tree planting (Sarah Hollister/KTVF)

In today's gardening tips we speak with Glen Risse, the Owner of Risse Greenhouse, to find out his steps for planting a successful tree.

1. Plan where you plant. Remember some trees grow out wide and tall -- so be aware if you plant near driveways, power lines and snow dump areas.

2. When planting, dig the hole a little bit deeper than the existing root ball. You want the existing tree surface to match your ground surface. If you buy a tree that grafted, make sure to never bury it above the graft or you will end up getting suckers growing at the base.

3. Take a bag of potting soil and blend some of the soil with the existing soil. There are trace elements and slow release fertilizers in the new soil that will force the roots out.

4. Leave a depression similar to a moat around the tree base so the water doesn’t drain off.

5. Water, water, water! Initially you can’t water too much. The water will drain to any place where there is air cavities and after it settles you can come back and fill in the holes with more soil.

6. Once the tree is rooted to the ground, put fertilizer around the outside ring. Use a fertilizer that is high in phosphate which helps develop stems and rooting.

7. Water the tree twice a week, then once a week until it fully established its roots... then just water it once or twice a month.

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