GCI expands coverage up the Dalton Highway

Recently, the Alaska based phone service provider, GCI, decided to expand their coverage up the Dalton Highway.

A new tower has been placed near Coldfoot Camp that will provide travelers an easier way to stay in touch with family and employers, or contact emergency services should the need arise.

Those working at Coldfoot, and truck drivers heading north and south, will benefit greatly from the installation, given that before this, they had to rely on land lines, satellite phones, and C-B radios.

According to the Director of Operations, Perry Allen, this is the first of many installations planned for bringing service to the rural areas of Alaska.

"So there's roughly 250 trucks that use the Dalton Highway on a daily basis. Until this site went in, the Dalton Highway was the longest highway in the United States without cellular coverage. So this will help bring emergency services, so to speak, and cellular data services to a 15-mile stretch of that highway near Coldfoot. GCI customers can utilize the 3G data service and the voice service as well as any one of our roaming partners but anyone with any mobile provider can use the 911 services."