GCI customers across the state experience mass outages

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - A power outage in the Anchorage area has caused mass outages for GCI customers across the state.
According to GCI, a transformer operated by Anchorage's 'Municipal Light and Power' Utilities failed around 4:45 this morning near GCI headquarters.
When that transformer cut out, a redundant power source was supposed to turn on.
But GCI says that source was unsuccessful when a dual backup power system failed to operate.
Both of these incidents caused outages for phone and internet services throughout the state.
According to Heather Handyside, GCI's Director of Corporate Communications, certain areas have experienced cable television outages as well.
GCI's backup system was energized later in the morning, and the company is working to restore services.
As of news time, commercial power provided by the Utilities Company had not yet been restored.
G-C-I says the power system that failed to function was successfully tested last Tuesday, July 3rd.
They are still investigating what caused the problem, and Handyside says they plan to have all services restored overnight.