Friends remember UAF Good Samaritan killed in accident

Earlier this week, an Anchorage man was struck and killed by a semi tanker truck after he left his vehicle on foot to assist a snowmachiner on the side of the road.
Today, we learn more about the young Alaskan named Sylvester Smith.
"He was a very, very hard working student and everybody really loved to work with him."
"Fun loving, good hearted person."
"Sylvester was a super fun loving guy. He always looked for the best in things and he was always friendly which is something that's hard to find sometimes."
Sarah Riopelle; Friend of Sylvester Smith>>: "When I initially heard that something had happened, I got a text being like 'Hey what happened to Sylvester?' and immediately I looked at this Facebook and I saw that he had passed and so I texted the people that I had saw commented on his page and it was a shock, it was an utter shock. It was a frenzy because I texted all these people, everyone who I knew, knew him and was closer to him and no one knew anything specific. It took a bit just to find out that he had been in a car accident."
Mohabbat Ahmadi; Associate Professor, UAF>>: "I had a class and a lot of students didn't show up, they were really shocked and a lot of them sent me an email, saying they couldn't come to class and I also felt really bad because he also, almost always sat at a specific computer when we were doing simulation class. I felt really bad when I saw he was not there."
Sage Tixier; Friend of Sylvester Smith>>: "It's just kind of a complete shock to find out that he isn't around anymore. It's a very, it's a very strange feeling to have someone that you've known for a while and all of a sudden he's just gone."
Sarah Riopelle; Friend of Sylvester Smith>>: "It is truly a tragedy that Sylvester is no longer with us because he was someone who was super easy to talk to and very friendly and that is just a huge positive trait in people that you may or may not see and so my condolences to his family and if there is a memorial service, I would love to know that way me and a group of friends can come down because everyone who I talked to about his passing was completely shocked and it's really hard to believe he's no longer here and that he won't be graduating with us this upcoming spring."
If you're interested in helping the Smith family, you can donate via Go Fund Me.