Free flu vaccine event at Noel Wien Library

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) An event providing free flu shots to members of the community happened last Thursday at the Noel Wien Library.

As part of a mass vaccination training exercise, the Fairbanks North Star Borough Emergency Operations offered flu vaccines to anyone in the area. Sharon Baring, a public health nurse explained that it's mutually official to both their organization and local Fairbanks residents.

"We are exercising our emergency response to a potential communicable disease, which it is flu season so we're hoping that we can not only practice being prepared for dispensing the vaccine in a really quick way, but also providing vaccines for people who need It for the flu season," said Baring.

In the first hour they had already given out over 100 vaccines including "all ages and walks of life" according to Baring. Even local dog hero Gracie the Morale dog was there to provide therapeutic services to recipients of the flu vaccine.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the symptoms for this year's flu will include cough, sore throat, fever, body aches, fatigue and possible nausea.

"Flu does kill. And if it doesn't kill, there are certainly many people that it doesn't kill but it can really take us out of our work, our schooling, our life functions for quite a while we're healing and getting over it," said Baring.

270 flu shots were given in total at the event. In addition to receiving the vaccine other preventative measures includes staying away from sick people, washing hands properly as well as maintaining proper hygiene.

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