Four men plead Not Guilty to charges at the Fairbanks Court House

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Four men pleaded not guilty at the Fairbanks Court House today.

James Jimieson faces charges of Murder for allegedly shaking his 7 month old daughter.
When contacted by law enforcement, Jimieson gave multiple accounts of how the child sustained her injuries, before admitting he had shaken her for several minutes.
The infant was transported to Anchorage where she remained on life support for four days before succumbing to her injuries.

Sidney Huntington faces multiple murder charges after Melissa Erikson, president of the Healy Lake Traditional Council, was found dead outside his home.
Witnesses told Alaska State Troopers that they had seen Huntington and Erikson drinking at a party, then heard gun shots.
AST responded to find Erikson dead next to an ax.
Reports said Erikson had gunshot wounds and other wounds consistent with an ax.

Hoe Young Kim is facing assault charges after witnesses say he punched a man.
Reports said Kim believed the man had stolen a bike, and when the man tried to leave, Kim punched the man, rendering him unconscious.
The victim is currently in the Intensive Care Unit at Providence Medical Center in Anchorage.

Dustin Elsberry is charged with Assault and Weapons Misconduct after Alaska State Troopers responded the Fairbanks Memorial Hospital for a report of a gunshot wound.
According to reports, Elsberry and his roommate had been drinking and discussing the possibility of a fire arm sale.
Elsberry’s roommate passed the gun, unloaded, to Elsberry to inspect.
Once Elsberry returned the gun, his roommate put the magazine back into place.
Reports said Elsberry took the gun back and a round was chambered, although it is not clear who armed the gun.
The gun discharged and a bullet passed through the roommates hand and leg, lodging in the muscle.