Fort Wainwright command places popular bar off limits to soldiers

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Fort Wainwright Garrison Command has announced that starting tonight at midnight, local night club 'Kodiak Jacks', and the attached 'Boomtown Bar and Grill', are off-limits to local active duty soldiers.
The move comes just after the city opted *not to protest the liquor license for the rowdy bar that Fairbanks police designated a nuisance property late last year.
But garrison commander, Colonel Sean Fisher, says the city's decision didn't factor into the off-limits designation.
He says it wasn't the result of any specific incident, and has been in the works for some time.
He also stressed that the off-limits order isn't permanent, and he hopes to work with bar owner, Rick Mensik, so that it can be reversed.
Col. Sean Fisher; Ft. Wainwright Garrison Commander>>: "Again, it's a temporary designation. So it's not intended at this point to be an indefinite off-limits designation. We intend to work with Mr. Mensik and his team to pave a way forward, to, again, perhaps create conditions that do offer a safe, enjoyable atmosphere."