Former strip club structure fires not believed to be caused by arson

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Fairbanks fire investigators are pouring cold water on talk that an arsonist could be targeting former strip clubs.

On Sunday at about 5:30 a.m., a Fairbanks police officer reported a fire at 2406 South Cushman Street.
That building used to house the Reflections Gentlemen's Club, and was occupied at the time by local business 'McKinley Countertops'.

Despite a quick response from fire crews, the fire burned more than 90 percent of the building's roof and caused its partial collapse.

Because of another fire that consumed the former 'Showboat' strip club earlier this month, there had been talk about whether the two fires were related.

The Deputy Fire Marshal with the Fairbanks Fire department, Kyle Green, says their investigation is ongoing and so far they don't suspect arson.

"The fire is still under investigation, however we do not believe at this time that there was any foul play in regards to the fire, nor do we believe that the fire is at any way connected to any other fires here in Fairbanks. At this time we are reviewing some electrical systems and electrical appliances that we believe are involved with the fire, but it won't be for many more weeks until we have that analysis complete."