Former state employees sue Gov. Dunleavy for wrongful termination

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Three former state employees that are suing Governor Mike Dunleavy and his chief of staff for wrongful termination, held a press conference in Anchorage earlier Thursday. According to the Associated Press, the American Civil Liberties Union filed two lawsuits, one on behalf of former state attorney Elizabeth Bakalar and the other on behalf of both Anthony Blanford and John Bellville who were psychiatrists at the Alaska Psychiatric Institute.

When Dunleavy started his administration, his transition team asked at-will state employees to resign and reapply with a letter stating whether they want to be reinstated and whether they want to work for this administration. According to the lawsuits, Bakalar submitted a resignation letter stating that she wanted to continue working for the administration, while the other two "refused to swear allegiance to the Dunleavy agenda."

The lawsuits seek reinstatement for the three former state employees. Alaska Department of Law Spokesperson Cori Mills said they cannot comment on pending litigation and that the case involves confidential personal matters.