Former medical association president speaks on high cost of Alaska health care

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce luncheon focused on the high costs of health care in Alaska.
Former President of the Alaska State Medical Association, Doctor Alec Glass, was the keynote speaker at today's event in the Pioneer Room at the Carlson Center.
Glass discussed what factors contribute to the rising premiums in Alaska, such as a limited number of providers, a lack of competition, and hospitals charging too much.
Glass also took questions from the audience.
When asked what the root causes are for the high cost of healthcare, Glass discussed several possibilities.
Dr. Alec Glass; Former Alaska State Medical Association President>>: "We also have a nation that doesn't really invest in our wellness. We as a nation don't, either. We're morbidly obese, our obesity population just keeps going up rapidly, we don't exercise, we are addicted to our cell phones, we don't emphasize wellness at all in our primary care visits. We emphasize, our healthcare system in general emphasizes sickness not wellness, and that's a major problem."