Five men face felony charges after starting a prison riot

Five men are standing trial this week for charges of Riot and Assault, stemming from a disturbance that occurred in August 20-17, which involved 15 inmates, one of which is Patrick Burton-Hill. Burton-Hill recently stood trial for the 20-15 murder of John Kavairlook Jr. and he was acquitted of all charges. According to reports, law enforcement attempted to negotiate with the inmates during the riot... but they responded by breaking windows and emptying soap containers. Chemical irritant gas was deployed, which brought end to the disturbance. During the start of the trial, defense attorneys expressed concerns that referring to the incident as a 'riot' was prejudicial, but Superior Court Judge Harbison denied their motion.

"I just don't see this as anything different than when people call an assault an assault, it is an alleged assault, but witnesses call it an assault during trial, it is an alleged rape but people

will refer to it as sexual assault, but this isn't any different and I appreciate the concern but that request is denied." Harbison said.

Jury selection took place today as well. Public viewing of the trial will be available at the courthouse.