First snowfall results in 19 auto-accidents within 24 hours

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - As of this afternoon, Fairbanks police had responded to 19 accidents in the past 24 hours, and Alaska State Troopers in the area tended to 10 crashes during the same time period.
Several of those crashes resulted in injuries; and in one instance, a police car responding to an accident was hit by another motorist who lost control.
Fairbanks deputy police chief Dan Welborn says places to take extra care include some of the city's busiest roadways.

Deputy Chief Dan Welborn; FPD >> "Bridges, primarily, because you have that cold that's being trapped underneath. We had a little bit of wetness before this snowfall, so of course being down below the freezing mark, it's not going to make it better for us. So the bridges, the Steese, the Richardson Highways, those kind of roadways in particular, we ask you to slow it down. Those are the main roads that are used by a lot of folks, Airport Way is another one."