First reindeer calves born at UAF

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The first reindeer calves of the year were born this week at UAF.
Caretakers found them early in the morning on Sunday and Monday.
The calves came a little later than usual, but they're standing up and wobbling around already.
This year they have two males and two females.
Student workers and farm managers always check to see if they're healthy and bonding with their mother.
They also conduct research for Alaska's reindeer industry.
"Our research spans a wide range of topics. So, from nutrition, herd management, range management, and then also to meat production and meat science. So basically we do research while the animals are alive, but then also after they're deceased and then, say, go to the slaughter plant." Said Erin Carr, Animal Caretaker.
People are welcome to come to the farm and look at the animals.
Staff just asks that you park at the botanical gardens and walk down the bike path.