First Friday features veteran’s artwork

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Paws for Purple Hearts on International Street hosted a First Friday guest artist this week. Navy veteran Allan Snider displayed his works for the public at the show. Snider is in the fine arts program at the University of Alaska Fairbanks with a major in Native arts and a minor in sculpture.

Snider has been in the reserves, and he served on active duty for 12 years in the navy.
He was a diver, a job which took him all over the world. He also worked underwater construction as a seabee.

Snider has been in the fine arts program at the university for two years now.

When asked what got him interested in artwork, he said, “I just discovered that I could make art, and I enjoy doing it. I took a few classes. I took a native arts class at the university and a sculpture class. Took a ceramics class and pretty much everything that I started doing just started coming out, and I don't know… I don't know.

“I must have some natural talent, but I can tell you that the instructors at the university have brought out the best of my talents, have allowed me to be able to create this beautiful work,” said Snider.