Firefighters distribute overdose kits through Project Hope

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Fairbanks Fire Department is participating in a campaign known as Project Hope to provide help for those overdosing on opioids.
The state sponsored program provides opioid overdose rescue kits, or 'Narcan kits', to individuals at no cost.
Fairbanks Fire will now be distributing the kits at any call where a Narcan kit has been previously used in an overdose situation, or where they might be deemed useful.
The Fairbanks Fire Station will also be distributing the kits to those with loved ones who struggle with addiction.
According to FFD Battalion Chief, Greg Taylor, the department has administered Narcan in 61 cases over the last two years.
Taylor says he has seen the impact opioids have had on the Fairbanks community.
Battalion Chief Greg Taylor; Fairbanks Fire Department>>: "Narcotics, overdoses and addictions span all socio-economic classes. It is not just who usually people think of as the typical heroin addict, and stuff like that. So I've been on heroin overdoses in every neighborhood in this town, so it goes across. We just want to have people...we understand that addiction is a disease, and we want to be able to put this life saving treatment in the hands of people who need it the most."