Fairbanks welcomes 2018 with a bang at UAF fireworks show

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The annual Fairbanks Curling Lions 'Sparktacular Celebration' kicked off on a cold evening around 8 as people watched the fireworks.
The pyrotechnics on campus were also the final wrap-up of U-A-F's centennial year.
The University of Alaska Museum of the North has served the public in previous years as a warm-up place during the event.
However due to budget cuts and the need to save money, the museum was not open this time around.
In fact, the museum was closed during the week between Christmas and New Year's Day.

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Wade Albright; Fairbanks, Alaska >> "The centennial year of UAF went great. There was all kinds of events throughout the year and this was a great way to culminate the celebration. The lighting was really good. The selection of fireworks was great and they had some really cool shape charges this year that were fun to see and its always nice being up here right on GI Ridge where you can be real close and feel the concussion wave. That just adds a whole new depth to the whole experience and makes it much more enjoyable."