Fairbanks posts 1967 Flood water markers downtown

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You might have noticed some new signage around town the last few days.
They're water markers showing how high the flood waters hit in 1967.
Rhiannon Walker has the story.

Any long time Fairbanks resident knows about the flood of 1967, but an interesting fact would be how high the flood waters reached.

"To give everyone a little perspective of just how high the flood waters reached in some areas; I stand about 5 foot, 6 inches tall, and as you can see, this sign is quite a bit taller than I am."

Tuesday night, residents gathered in Golden Heart Plaza for the unveiling of these water marker signs, as well as a few people, including Mayor Jim Matherly, who gave a recount of their memories of being in the flood.

"I was only 5 years old when the flood hit but I remember vividly, my dad grabbing me off of our bed, and we were right down the street from Lathrop, so we stayed there hunkered down for a bit, it got worse and worse and then we all rode on a flatbed military vehicle out to the airport. My mom didn't even have her shoes on, you can barely see it but she's got no shoes.