Fairbanks police warn of holiday mail thefts

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - 'Tis the season for Christmas gifts and holiday letters - but you might want to keep an eye on your mail box if you want to actually receive that sweater from grandma.
According to Fairbanks Police Department Patrol Officer, Doug Welborn, the city fields between seven and 12 calls a week regarding mail theft at this time of year
When officers receive a mail theft call, they try to form a timeline between when the mail was delivered and when it went missing.
That information forms the basis for their investigation.
Welborn recommends that residents be aware of what they are having shipped, and where it's being delivered.
Doug Welborn; Patrol Officer, FPD>>: "We're seeing a lot more mail theft occurring in the outer lying areas of Fairbanks, in the hills those type of areas. If you have a road side mailbox, we've had many instances this summer, into the winter now where those are getting hit. We ask that you try to get them delivered and picked up as soon as possible. Maybe delivered to a post office box or a place of business. If you do see suspicious activity, please watch out for your neighbors, call in and report those suspicious vehicles. If you have license plate numbers that is always helpful so we can follow up with those folks, why they're in the area and if they indeed do or don't live in that area, it's good to know. Just help and watch out for each other, join a neighbor watch and just be mindful of what's going on."