Fairbanks police officer charged with theft, official misconduct

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - A Fairbanks Police Officer has resigned after an investigation revealed he had stolen money from a found wallet that was in his custody. According to a press release from the Fairbanks Police Department, former officer Manuel Beza is facing charges of fourth degree theft and official misconduct.

On November 27, FPD was contacted about a wallet that was missing money after it had been turned in to Beza. An investigation revealed a citizen had found the wallet at Justa Store and after unsuccessfully locating the owner, turned it into Beza.

Beza was placed on administrative leave and on December 7, turned in his resignation.

Police Chief Jewkes made a statement on Facebook regarding this incident.

"We investigate each complaint based on its merit, regardless of who comes to complain to us, regardless of who the complaint is against. We do this so we can protect your trust and honor the trust that you give us," said Jewkes.