Fairbanks mayor issues emergency declaration, 2 more cases of COVID-19 confirmed

Fairbanks Mayor Jim Matherly (file photo/ KTVF)
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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) Mayor Matherly has issued an emergency declaration in response to the COVID19 coronavirus pandemic that is currently impacting our community. The declaration will be in effect for seven days, and Mayor Matherly will be asking the Fairbanks City Council to ratify the declaration at the March 30th council meeting, which will extend the effective period for as long as needed. According to state law, an emergency declaration by the Mayor is only effective for seven days unless ratified by the Council.

DHSS also reported that two more cases of COVID-19 coronavirus were confirmed in Fairbanks, bringing our total to 9.

The City of Fairbanks is working closely with local and state medical experts and the Mayor supports their recommendations for slowing the spread of this virus. Fairbanks residents must comply with statewide mandates issued from the Governor’s office. Those mandates can be found at coronavirus.alaska.gov.

Regarding the situation in Fairbanks, Mayor Matherly stated, “It is imperative that we act now by remaining in our homes and staying away from public places unless absolutely necessary. I’ve spent many hours in the recent days hearing from local physicians, and the situation in Fairbanks is very serious. The number of confirmed positive cases does not reflect the full picture. Every resident needs to do their part to protect themselves, their families, and the community. If your family needs groceries, only send one person to the store. Check in on those considered high risk; help those ones stay home by going to the grocery store or pharmacy for them. I am imploring the community to take this seriously and stay home.”

The March 30th City Council Meeting will be streamed over the City of Fairbanks website (www.fairbanksalaska.us) but will not be broadcasted over the radio.