Fairbanks man drives drunk strikes sign, drags it for miles

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska Fairbanks Police received multiple reports of a drunk driver Monday evening. Callers stated a truck struck two signs in the parking lot of the Brown Jug and then fled the scene with one of the steel signs still sticking out of the truck.

According to charging documents, police arrested 26-year-old Cody James Brown for Driving Under the Influence, tampering with physical evidence, and immediate notice of accident.

Callers followed Brown's vehicle into the Walmart parking lot and then down the Steese to Farmers Loop. The driver then turned onto Ski Boot Hill Road where he stopped his vehicle and attempted to take the sign out.

The caller following him continued past the vehicle to turn around. When she returned, the Brown and the sign was gone. FPD, and University of Alaska Fairbanks Police secured the vehicle and attempted to locate the suspect. The truck had significant damage including a smashed windshield and damaged bumper and grill.

A FPD officer saw a pant leg and shoe off the side of the road hiding in a ditch and commanded individual to come out. They identified the man as Brown, the name on the trucks registration.

Officers continued to search the area and found a "very damaged large, white ‘Left Lane Must Turn Left' street sign attached to approximately 20 feet of steel post," charging documents said. The sign was located in thick vegetation off of Ski Boot Hill Road.

Brown initially refused to speak with officers but eventually said he was sorry and had made mistakes.

Brown was transported to Fairbanks Correctional Center and blow a breath sample of 0.129 percent.