Fairbanks man charged with sexually assaulting underage male

FAIRBANKS, Alaska. (KTVF) Alaska State Troopers arrested a Fairbanks man on Thursday for alleged sexual assault of an underage male.

Paul Michael Worman, 56, of Fairbanks appears in court from Fairbanks Correctional Center to be arraigned for two counts of sexual assault. (John Dougherty/KTVF)

Fifty-six year old Paul Michael Worman is charged with two counts of sexual assault in the second degree for allegedly touching the minor’s genitalia without consent.

According to charging documents, in January, Worman was reported to Alaska State Troopers by the Office of Children’s Services for allegedly grooming an underage male for sexual favors. The minor told troopers that Worman allegedly engaged in sexual contact with the minor without his consent.

The troopers investigation found that Worman was previously a foster care provider with the state of Alaska for nearly two decades. Troopers found that there were previous complaints about Worman from 2017, and as a result he was no longer a provider.

Using a search warrant, investigators found a social media app on his cellphone containing communication between Worman and multiple underage minors. The communication consisted of Worman requesting sexual favors from the minors. Investigators also found images of individuals genitals requested by Worman in exchange for money. According to charging documents, this was corroborated by multiple underage victims.

One of the underage minors said in an interview that Worman employed him and his friends with odd jobs such as cleaning and shoveling snow. The minor said that Worman paid them $10.00 an hour. He said that Worman had him drink alcohol, and once he was intoxicated took the minor to one of the bedrooms in the home and made him perform sex acts.

The minor said he was scared, “because he was in an empty locked room with a bed with Paul Worman, who is a big guy,” the charging document said. The minor also said that Worman told him he did not like narcs or snitches, and told the minor not to tell anyone about this. Worman allegedly paid the minor $40 after they were done.

During a search of Worman’s phone, investigators discovered that he was consistently and aggressively soliciting underage minors to work for him. Multiple conversations indicated that Worman would solicit money for genitalia pictures and performing sexual acts with minors.

Worman was arraigned from Fairbanks Correctional Center. Judge Ben Seekins set bail at a $50,000 cash performance bond.

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