Fairbanks man arrested twice in one day for vehicle theft

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - A Fairbanks man was arrested not once, but twice in one day. Jerry Green, 44 of Fairbanks, was arrested early Wednesday morning when Troopers pulled him over after seeing him driving a brand new GMC Sierra still covered in shipping wrap. The vehicle was stolen from the local Chevy dealer. According to charging documents, he claimed he was an Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and was picking up his vehicle from his lot.

He was charged with theft, vehicle theft and impersonating a peace officer at the time. Green was released and late Wednesday night. Later, Troopers were responding to a report that someone was attempting to steal a semi-truck and trailer from Airport Equipment and Rental, and Green was arrested a second time still wearing his yellow jumpsuit. According to the Alaska State Trooper Dispatch, Green nearly struck a Trooper vehicle with the stolen semi, and was stopped after Troopers deployed spike strips.