Fairbanks man arrested for stealing vehicle with backhoe

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) Alaska State Troopers arrested a Fairbanks man after he allegedly stole a truck with a backhoe. According to charging documents, Raymond Sharp, 51, used the backhoe to pull a truck off of a property on Farmers Loop and then drag it to his house.

Troopers received a call from a woman on November 27 reporting that Sharp was dragging away a green truck from her property. She also said that Sharp was damaging trees on her property.

Troopers contacted Sharp at his house and he claimed that the woman’s father had given him verbal permission to remove vehicles from his property. Sharp was unable to provide a last name for the man and the number he gave went to Wayne Starkey, who admitted to steering vehicles while Sharp towed them.

Troopers obtained a search warrant for Sharp’s property and found the truck under a tarp and pallets behind a shed. Sharp allegedly admitted to troopers that he had taken the truck and hid it because he was afraid that the woman would come to his house and see it there. He also claimed that the woman had come to his house the previous night and was causing a disturbance but he did not call AST.

Sharp was arrested for vehicle theft, criminal mischief, tampering with evidence and violating conditions of release. He was remanded at Fairbanks Correctional Center.

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