Fairbanks holiday food drive helps needy families

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Fairbanks community has always been big on volunteering.
Julia Laude takes a look at the outpouring of public support to charitable efforts for the Thanksgiving Holiday.
Vegetables, stuffing and of course pumpkin pie.
Alan Mitchell; Food Bank Volunteer>>: "Thank you so much sir."
Alan Mitchell does it all to help those in need this Thanksgiving.
Alan Mitchell; Food Bank Volunteer>>: "I got a food box years ago and I wrote down everything that came in the food box and when I had money again, because I was almost of out a job, it's rent or food, what do you pay for? Because that food box helped me, I got a new job five days later, I got more money. Food just brings you hope. If you can't provide for your family, whether it's rent or gas or whatever it is, when you can't provide that it effects you so to have that bring hope, have that make you feel like, we have food, things are going to be better."
And he's continued to help with the Fairbanks Holiday Food Drive for the past four years.
Throughout the day, shoppers dropped off their donations, even coming with carts full of food.
Amanda Adams; Fairbanks>>: "It's good to try and do it all year long but especially this time of year it effects a lot of people and just being able to do something in a small way like this it might be able to make this time of year not so hard for someone who doesn't have as much. It's not much but it's a really nice thing to do."
And with just over 20-thousand pounds of food, 517 turkeys and almost 2-thousand dollars in donations, it truly can be said that one person can in deed make a difference.
Alan Mitchell; Food Bank Volunteer>>: "It's the person in the suit and tie, the person in a t-shirt and jeans, the person in mukluks and a hoodie. The people that are special, are all the people that show up here. The people that are special are the people in the community who buy all these things. That's special when you can share your life with somebody else for the good of other people,"
Reporting from Fred Meyer West,
Alan Mitchell; Food Bank Volunteer>>: "That's what's special. That's what's important."
this is Julia Laude.