Fairbanks citizens show favor or protest for House Bill 178

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Fairbanks residents gathered in response to HB 178 -- a controversial abortion bill.

Multiple protests occurred downtown on 3rd and Cushman, and on Cowles and Airport near the Noel Wien library. ​

Residents who support the bill, and people who were protesting the bill were represented. ​

Father Jonathan Dellinger of St. Nicholas Catholic church in North Pole was in support of the measure that would criminalize abortion... while Bryant Griffith opposes HB 178 because he feels the issue is not just about women's rights.

"When we get that, when we get people to understand that that is life there, then yeah, that's going to make an impact. And when we recognize the child in the womb as life, then yeah it should be criminalized to take that child's life, it is," Father Jonathan.
"I think that even though a lot of men think it isn't their fight specifically, it's more of a human right, and that when we segregate ourselves into binary roles like men and woman then you are not recognizing that we are all human and that we are all in this together.," said Griffith.

​HB 178 will only move forward if the House Health and social services committee decides to hear the bill.