Fairbanks business making free hand sanitizer during shortage

FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) Hoarfrost Distilling is using their knowledge and equipment to make hand sanitizer to give out free to the Fairbanks community.

Hoarfrost Distilling is using their knowledge and equipment to help produce hand sanitizer for Fairbanks. (John Dougherty/KTVF)

Precautions due to COVID-19 have shut down restaurants and bars, emptied store shelves and left many staying at home as they social distance. One key item to protecting against the coronavirus is hand sanitizer, but many stores are out of it. Local Fairbanks distilleries are stepping up to help fill the need.

"We thought that with the shortages of hand sanitizer, we could do our part to help at least here locally," said Toivo Luick the owner of Hoarfrost Distilling.

He got the idea from a distillery in Portland, Oregon and decided to do it in Fairbanks.

"What we have done in the last couple weeks is we have switched over all of our spirits production, which is what we used to make vodka, and turned it into hand sanitizer," Luick said.

They take the moonshine used to make vodka and instead make 90% alcohol, then they mix in some other stuff to make it not drinkable and work better as a sanitizer and put it in bottles for distribution.

Luick said the sanitizer isn’t the same as commercial sanitizer but he still says it will kill germs and keep people safe.

People can come to the store during the normal hours from 4 pm to 8 pm and if they bring a container they will give you four ounces of sanitizer. They have also donated sanitizer to law enforcement and the hospital.

Luick said they will keep making sanitizer until the stores are able to catch up with supplies.

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