Fairbanks' Thai community celebrates new year

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Thai community of Fairbanks celebrated their New Year today, in colorful traditional clothing.
And they had dancers come from Anchorage.
Thailand usually celebrates their new year in April... but it's a bit too chilly for an outdoor celebration in Alaska.
So they waited until May.
Music, dancing, smiles and laughter spread through the space.
The celebration is all about love, kindness, and compassion.
Today, they had visitors from Thailand, Anchorage, and California.
"We never know what we get when we come here. It's such a cold and it's pretty quiet. But when you smile and with your love and kindness and compassion we get to see everyone smile," said Nadia Lin, Lay Woman.
In Thailand, it's hot this time of year, so as tradition, they finished off the day by splashing water on each other as a blessing in order to wash away bad thoughts and actions.