Fairbanks Red Cross trains Hurricane Harvey volunteers for deployment

The Fairbanks Red Cross held a training for Hurricane Harvey volunteers Tuesday night and attendees found they may be sent to more places than just Texas.

Eighteen eager enrollees crowded in the Lathrop street location yesterday evening listening in on volunteer "do's and don'ts."

The Red Cross set up the course after they received an overwhelming response of people wanting to help.

This critical instruction is only the first step volunteers will take.
Once a person is picked for their deployment, flight arrangements are made.

Red Cross officials say helping out at Hurricane Harvey is one of the more grueling missions.
Many volunteers will be staying in the same shelter environment as those in the disasters.
Volunteers go prepared; knowing they could be sleeping in a room full of thousands of people, not knowing when they will have to move areas.
Each deployment generally lasts 2 to 3 weeks.

The Executive Director for the Far North and Interior District of the Red Cross of Alaska, Lori Wilson, says with everything going on, they are looking at sending volunteers to several natural disaster locations.

"Could be Houston, possibly, could be Oregon, Montana areas, depending on what's happening in those fires, again monitoring it and seeing what their need for help is or is not. Then of course if Irma hits the Florida coast, they're planning for 120,000 people in shelters."