Fairbanks Memorial Hospital offering classes for Hip and Joint replacement patients

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - For those who are considering having hip or Knee replacement, taking a pre–surgery class can be a great opportunity to ask questions, become more familiar with procedures, and get to know your local nurses.

The First and Third Wednesday of each month, Fairbanks Memorial Hospital brings together various departments to prepare patients and family members on what to expect before and after hip and Joint replacement surgery.

"So every patient may have a different home situation, we may have a patient who has an outhouse, and being able to transition to that location. Some patients may live alone, a patient may have 10 stairs so being able to address those questions and help to answer that as well as people may need different equipment," said Amy Weaver Director of Rehab and Physicians Operations.

Before a patient undergoes surgery, they must go through pre–admission testing.

"And what I'm talking about is blood tests. I'm talking about an EKG, I'm talking about a chest X–ray, and some of the surgeons will send you off to see your dentist to make sure there is nothing going on dental wise," said One of the Hospital staff.

Before and after surgery the nursing staff monitor pain management, identifying comfort levels to better understand limitations.

"While you are in the hospital you are on medications that can increase your risk for falls, the worst thing you can do is think you're feeling good, you're doing well, get up and fall and hurt your surgical leg," said a Nurse.

From the do's and don't's of pre–hospitalization, to physical therapy and discharge. This collaborative class gives patients the opportunity to ask questions and gather information.

"Come with questions we are here to answer those questions for you to learn more about the process and to better prepare yourself or attending for a loved one," said Weaver.

Amy Weaver says this class is free to the public and encourages those who may have any questions to call the FMH education department at 458-5580.