Fairbanks Cub Scouts Lend a Helping Hand to Fellow Wasilla Scouts

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Members of the Fairbanks Tiger Scouts gathered at Lynden Transport Friday afternoon to send a box of bunny boots and gift cards to Boy Scout Troop 300 in Wasilla after some of their gear was stolen for a third time.

The Fort Wainwright "Arctic Cubs," of Pack Six heard about the theft on Facebook and decided to lend a helping hand.
"We're always looking forward to do a good turn daily and so we got a hold of John Dieffenderfer out of Troop 300 Wasilla and he said we need bunny boots," said Linda Anderson the Assistant Tiger Den Leader for Pack 6.
They collected bunny boots and money to help the troop in Wasilla replace the stolen gear.
In the end they had $600 dollars and a pair of bunny boots to send to them.
"We worked together with Lynden Transport who graciously offered to send this box for us at no cost to help out both sides,” Anderson said.
They brought the box to Lynden Transport so they could get it on a truck to Wasilla.
"It was just a natural fit and it's one of those things that feels good to do and it's a positive thing for Alaska and it shows a good example to the kids here in Fairbanks so glad she asked us to do it and proud to help," said Ken Hall the account manager for Lynden Transport.
After taking some photos they brought the box inside for Lynden to bring south.